A hydroelectric power station is only profitable in the long term if operational readiness and performance are ensured over the entire lifespan of the station. Here, WKV scores with First Class Support Worldwide.


As soon as your power station produces the first kilowatts of power, an experienced service team at Wasserkraft Volk AG takes over the support. Whether you have questions about optimal load control or technical problems, the solution is never farther away than the nearest telephone. Would you like 24/7 support? Then our premium support is just the right option for you. Including practical WKV app with video chat, remote diagnosis, data transfer and more.


You will be looked after by a dedicated engineering team that knows the specifications of your electromechanical equipment inside out. So that energy can always flow reliably.


Even without a special service agreement, our support is by your side with advice and action to keep your power station in optimal condition:

  • WKV standard support for all customers
  • Available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm CET/CEST
  • Email and phone support


The extra service that pays off: Opt for competent help around the clock and thus for significantly reduced downtimes:

  • The WKV service team is available for you 24/7
  • Priority processing of your request
  • Online support with the WKVliveguard App
  • Remote access to your system for quick troubleshooting
  • If necessary, immediate departure for on-site work

Instructions manual, diagnostics tool and personal service employee in your pocket: The WKVliveguard App makes it easy to operate your power station safely and economically.
Exclusively for customers with PREMIUM SUPPORT.


The WKV experts train the operating personnel during on-site commissioning and simulate practical operation in detail. After that, the local power-station personnel will be able to operate the station independently and carry out regular maintenance works. WKV hydroelectric power stations are monitored and controlled fully automatically. As a result, minor manual intervention is only occasionally required. In addition, the power station is designed for a long lifespan and low maintenance requirements. If you have any questions, the WKV instructions manual created individually for each power station or the WKV support team will assist you.