Holistic competence for turnkey solutions: WKV AG makes green energy easy for investors and operators with unmatched profitability over the entire operating life.


Where others require external support, we as Wasserkraft Volk AG act autonomously, reliably and independently. Our many years of experience in both technical development and the full-scale manufacture of hydroelectric power stations enable us to offer our customers and investors long-lasting and highly efficient solutions as an "all-round carefree package". From small private investments to complex and large-scale projects. Superficially, this probably does not make us the cheapest on the market. But very likely the ones with the most profitable overall package on the long run.


Outstanding technology for excellent energy revenue in any environment.

Because everything comes from a single source, all the technical components of your hydroelectric power station are perfectly matched. Consistent top quality from WKV, for you as the operator or investor; this means fast, uncomplicated commissioning and maximum power-station effectiveness from day one.


Durable design and robust workmanship meet world-class support.

Our "Made in Germany" quality pays off while running under the toughest operating conditions. The processing of durable components and the individual adaptation to the local conditions as well as a service-friendly design reduce downtimes to a minimum. If service is required, the WKV app and our highly qualified support team will help. We are always there for you, wherever you are, as long as your station is in operation – for the rest of its life. Your children will thank you for your investment using WKV equipment.


When the water flows reliably, so do the earnings.

Investment in a WKV hydropower station means investment in the present and in the future. One that pays for itself faster and with much more reliability than supposedly cheaper solutions. And that is why it cuts a particularly good figure in your portfolio. You are literally investing in your children's future!