Responsible and sustainable action has been part of WKV's DNA since the company was founded - awarded with the German Solar Prize 2003 as the first CO2-free plus heavy-machinery factory for electricity generation in Europe!


As one of the very first power station manufacturers, the traditional company WKV has transformed itself into an ecological factory of the future. Since the year 2000, our company located in Gutach has been a prime example of sustainable and resource-saving construction and work which has received worldwide attention: We are the only manufacturer of climate-friendly hydroelectric power stations that generates the energy for the production of these stations ourselves in a CO2-neutral way. Isn't that sustainability par excellence?
Ist das nicht Nachhaltigkeit par excellence?

  • Only local wood was used in the construction of the factory of the future.
  • We generate the electricity for our production with our self-built hydroelectric power station. During construction, a section of the Elz River was made available again for fish migration.
  • Buildings are heated using station waste heat, modern heat pumps and solar energy.
  • The main building, constructed according to low-energy standards, is optimally oriented towards the sun. A green roof ensures a balanced microclimate.
  • Rainwater is collected for service water use. Surplus rainwater seeps away and is fed back into the natural groundwater cycle.


WKV is committed to the Gutach community and creates local jobs. We promote a climate-neutral economy and support the association "CO2 levy e. V.” According to the statutes, 5 percent of our profits flow into ecological and social projects every year.

We have been awarded the Lea Mittelstandspreis several times for our social commitment, most recently in 2021. We support the following projects, among others:

Relief campaign Noma e. V.

Treatment of the Noma bacterial disease in children of developing countries.

Little Stars –
Kinder brauchen Zukunft e. V.

Improvement of living conditions, especially for children in Nepal.

Naturefund e. V.

Land purchasing and afforestation of rainforest.

Pro Regenwald e. V.

Support for projects and people to preserve forests, especially in the tropics, in their natural diversity.

POEMA Germany e. V.

Help for self-help in relation to the protection of the rainforest and improvement of the living conditions of the people in Amazonia.

The Vanessa School

Private school in Tanzania for young people, often orphans, from impoverished villages. At the school they will receive an intermediate education certificate.

Virunga National Park, DR Congo

Establishment of training centres to educate residents on technical and environmental issues, training of professionals for hydropower projects.

Heidelberger Groven

Afforestation project in Brazil by the BUND-Kreisgruppe Heidelberg.

station Lahr

International nature and environmental education for children and young people.

India Aid Water
is Life e. V.

Health care and education for the poorest people in India, especially girls and young women.

Mazingira, Tansania

Education, well construction, microcredit for women.

Kyiv Aid

Help for street children in Kyiv via S'Einlädele Freiburg.


Self-help for children with chronic-metabolic, hormone or diabetes diseases e. V. Freiburg im Breisgau.


European Institute for Sustainable Transport (bicycle ambulances for Africa).

Save the rainforest e. V.

Commitment to the people of the rainforest and their habitats.


Rüdiger Nehberg – Initiative against female genital mutilation.

Peru Action

Pedagogical-ethical education and practical training for young people with few opportunities or who have no means to study in Prosoya, Peru.


Student initiative, an activity in which children from all over the world plant trees as a sign of climate justice.


The Tropical Forest Foundation - Protection of the tropical forests.

Diocese of Kigoma, Kabanga, Tanzania

Brother Theo Call. African missionary, helping people help themselves by building workshops, schools, churches, a hospital, planting thousands of trees and much more.

Immanuel International e. V.

Street children project in Ecuador.

Terre des hommes

Help for children in need / drinking water project in Vietnam: Support for the residents of Hoang Van Thu to improve the drinking water supply.