Manfred Volk (on the left) during contract signing ceremony for a project in Asia

Largest quarterly order volume in WKV´s history

In the last few months, WKV faced an extremely difficult market situation leading to very tough competition. However, Wasserkraft Volk AG is very proud to announce the largest quarterly order value in its history.

Due to the combined efforts of all the staff, it was possible to weather the bad market situation and to secure incoming orders totaling EUR 17.03 Million in September and October 2019.

Furthermore, for the years 2020 and 2021, three (3) more contracts to the total value of EUR 17.93 Million have been signed.

Subsequently for the coming months manufacturing will be running almost to full capacity.

With this promising outlook, WKV is starting the last quarter of 2019 full of enthusiasm and is confident that the hard times have been overcome.

(Note: For competition reasons details of project data or countries cannot be mentioned.)