Effectiveness over a wide range. WKV Turgo turbines

Characteristics of WKV Turgo turbines:

  • Closes the gap between Francis, Crossflow and Pelton turbines
  • Head range 50 ... 300 m
  • Output up to 10,000 kW
  • Single or double jet design
  • Jet deflectors for outstanding dynamic performance (important on long pipelines)
  • Significantly less sensitive to contamination than Francis turbines
  • Flat efficiency curve shows high efficiency also at partial water flow
  • Geometry of stream and runner are optimized for efficiency in WKV’s own laboratory
  • The high specific speed allows using the Turgo principle instead of multi-jet Pelton turbines or instead of Francis turbines at lower partial load efficiencies
  • Spear valve controlled electrically or hydraulically
  • Runner made of extremely wear-resistant stainless steel – not indestructible, but close to it!
  • Maintenance-free WKV shaft sealing system