If all good things come from (far) above - WKV Pelton turbines

Characteristics of WKV Pelton turbines:

  • Head range from 60 m up to more than 1,500 m
  • Capacity up to about 35 MW
  • Single- double-, three-, four-, five- or six-jet designs available
  • Horizontal or vertical shaft arrangements
  • Jet deflectors for outstanding dynamic performance
  • 2 or 4 bearing gen-set arrangements
  • Well suited to sites with significant fluctuations in the water flow
  • Developed for use in demanding applications with water containing debris
  • Optimized jet and runner designs for highest efficiencies
  • Spear valve controlled either electrically or hydraulically
  • Runner made from high grade, extremely wear resistant, stainless steel
  • Maintenance free WKV shaft seal design