A reliable arrangement. WKV control systems

Digital/analogue WKV speed governor type SRE 2000

This WKV development is unique in the world of controls as it combines the advantages of both digital and analogue controls.

  • Direct display of the main control parameters
  • Dynamic PID controls with the option for external disturbance application ensure stability even in the case of long penstocks or unstable grids
  • Modular 19” rack design for easy implementation and replacement of components
  • Protection against external faults, all I/O circuits are protected against external short-circuiting and reverse polarity
  • Easy adjustment of all main parameters by use of a simple screw driver, no programming, no software or terminal, no laptop required
  • No pick-ups required for speed sensing
  • Designed for operation with PLC based controls or a remote control system
  • Suited for speed control, output control, discharge or level control, as well as for double-regulated units (injector/deflector or guide vanes/runner blades)
  • Durable and user-friendly design and technology
  • WKV offers a lifelong guarantee for supply of spare parts and services. All control units are backwards-compatible!

WKV Hydraulic devices for speed control and parallel operation with mains

  • WKV offers a complete range of hydraulic power units for control applications. This includes simple actuators for operation on a grid (level or discharge control) as well as the most complex applications involving isolated network or grid-parallel operation.
  • Designed for decades of continous operation – only the best components are used
  • Low-pressure hydraulics for extended life service
  • Energy-saving designs
  • Typically no high-pressure accumulators that need severe maintenance
  • WKV manufactures the complete range of governors in-house – another benefit for you!

WKV level control for grid-parallel operation

  • Designed to ensure best possible use of the available water flows and most economical operation!
  • PLC controlled operation to achieve optimum efficiency for multi-jet impulse turbines as well as for twin-cell Crossflow turbines
  • Intake water level indicator
  • Surge-protected water level sensors provide safe operation even under adverse environmental conditions
  • User friendly setpoint adjustment.

Mechanical WKV governors and their maintenance

For some applications mechanical governors may provide significant advantages. WKV offers a full line of such governors manufactured in-house:

  • Robust and well-proven technology
  • Completely without electronics, best suited for applications in remote locations

Furthermore, WKV would like to perform the service work for your mechanical governors, also for other brands. Not in every case you will need only new governors!

Electronic WKV load controller

  • Designed for small units up to 800 kW supplying isolated loads as well as for the emergency power supply of grid-connected units.
  • Excellent frequency-accuracy even during load acceptance or rejection
  • Heavy duty industrial grade electronics especially designed for extreme ambient conditions