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Automatic control / SCADA

WKV uses only the latest control components made by globally renowned manufacturers.

WKV offers control concepts specially adapted to the customer's system for efficient and efficiency-optimized operation of the plants.

WKV supplies your plant control system for any desired list of requirements

  • Timed power control: Your profit optimization by generating energy at peak load times
  • Water level control: Generation of highest possible amount of energy with the present amount of water
  • Pressure-, flow- or lake level control
  • Hydropeaking for efficiency-optimized operation of the plant at low water discharge

WKV adjusts your customized control program to the specific grid requirements ("Grid Code")

  • Frequency control for supporting the primary control (frequency droop)
  • Reactive power-, power factor or voltage control  for grid stabilizing

WKV grants trouble-free access to your system by

  • Interfaces to the network operator (public utility protocol) to control and monitor the plant
  • All common standard interfaces

WKV offers simple and user-friendly visualization systems

  • User interface customized to plant and customer needs
  • Plant operation by touch screen or mouse click
  • Short-time recording of plant data for failure analyzing
  • Long-time recording of plant history

WKV increases the plant availability by

  • Remote control by computer, tablet and smart phone
  • Alarm message service by SMS or E-mail
  • Remote maintenance and -diagnostics