Technology and Manufacturing

Why Hydropower ?

Profitability and environmental compatibility don’t have to be contradictory! Generating sets based on fossil fuels are available at low cost, resulting short term benefits. However, just considering economic aspects, small hydro power plants are unbeatable in the long run.

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Individual solutions from the specialist

Hydro Power Plants must be individually planned and realized. Natural conditions of water courses is significantly different. Therefore, every order demands an exclusive solution. WKV uses four different turbine types to transform hydraulic force into electrical energy. Each of these turbine types is suitable for a specific operation are.

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Research and development

WKV turbines are continually improved and upgraded in our own research and development laboratory in Simonswald. A common factor for all our products is the first-class quality. In our laboratory, we demonstrate this regularly and by far achieved the highest efficiencies.

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Craftsmanship has a long tradition in our region. The idea of quality is traditionally lived and realized with passion for details. Solid education and advanced training enable a high level of creativity, what is immensely important for any kind of manufacturing of special machines. We from WKV are combining these characteristics with most modern manufacturing technologies resulting in a cost effective manufacture of our premium products.

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