The "Energy Factory"

Whilst a lot of companies stopped their investments in 2008 due to the international financial crisis, Wasserkraft Volk AG put up a new production plant for special generators. More than 15 Million Euros were invested on a generator factory located in Gutach, with a meanwhile more than 5,000 m² shop floor.

Of course, also when building the Energy Factory, we strictly followed our guideline and took care for an environmental-friendly design. E.g., only locally-grown wood was used if it was possible for structural reasons to avoid steel and concrete.

The highly-modern in-house coil production now allows the manufacture of resin-rich as well as VPI coils and makes us independent from any sub-suppliers. The coil plant is not only used for the own generators but also supplies coils to repair workshops.

The new factory which was planned in an economically useful size now allows to produce, beyond supplying alternators for own hydro power stations, a reasonable number of synchronous alternators in special and standard design to other suppliers of power stations. Not only competitors on the hydro power market but also manufacturers of wind, steam and gas turbines as well as diesel and gas engines can be served with alternators.

Our staff is experienced in designing and manufacturing of synchronous machines since decades. Consequent training and education of new personnel ensures that also the WKV alternators are meeting our reputation as a supplier of high-quality products.