The production facilities

Our factory is structured to design and build the complete range of turbines, generators, switchboards and also electronic controls and accessories. All manufacturing facilities are located in our plants in Gutach and Simonswald in Germany literally brining us to the same vicinity thus granting you high flexibility, quick service and highest quality.

Welcome to our state-of-the-art factory!

WKV moved into its new factory in Gutach in May 2000. This is the first large scale factory in Germany which is fully energy-self-sufficient and operating without any CO2 emissions.

As a heart of the factory, our own power plant rated at 320 kW covers almost all of our energy needs. The excess power (about 900 000 kWh/year) is fed into the public grid. We also use other sources of renewable energy such as solar energy and geothermal energy.

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The "Energy Factory"

Whilst a lot of companies stopped their investments in 2008 due to the international financial crisis, Wasserkraft Volk AG put up a new production plant for special generators. More than 15 Million Euro was invested on a generator factory located in Gutach, with a meanwhile more than 5000 m² shop floor.

Of course, also when building the Energy Factory, we strictly followed our guideline and took care for environmental-friendly design.

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Switchboards and Control Systems

The WKV AG manufactures the complete control and SCADA system technology in the own facilities in the Simonswald factory. Moving to new facilities planned on the Gutach factory ground is foreseen for the near future. WKV so far takes the overall responsibility for your power plant. Taylorized solutions are individually optimized to customer needs, considering local rules and law.

Research and Development Division

WKV turbines are continually improved and upgraded in our own research and development laboratory in Simonswald. Our lead in technology is preserved by continued improvements.

Also our electronic components are continuously upgraded in accordance with the experiences gained in practice. Any kind of modifications on our controllers are designed in order to make it down compatible for carrying out service and replacement work as easy as possible. This is of course conceding availability of spares over the total life-time of the power plant.